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    What is nature? It is the force of all life and universal forces.

    Protecting nature means to step back and see all that is there to keep living. Without clean air, water, space, and land life will eventually cease.

    Love your fellow beings by remembering that although the center of your universe is you, without the rest of the universe, your life and memories will cease. Love and live with the necessities of life while sharing your gifts with others.

    The best reward is gratitude. I am blessed by Gaia with all I need. My wants make me happy and what I want is to serve those who need and who are grateful for the gifts of the planet and other people.

    I want others to stop hating because they aren’t allowed to destroy nature and others. I want quiet. I want skies filled with birds and clouds. I want people to stop thinking they are not responsible for their behavior. I want the drunk driver that hit me to apologize. I want a garden that provides all I need and has enough abundance to share with others who would enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    I want the love of my family without expectations of more than I can give. My heart has been broken and each small dagger opens wounds barely bandaged. I want my ADHD to help me be brilliant without diversion.

    Thank you for reading.

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