2007 Buena Vista Christmas Bird Count Highlights & Data

WEDNESDAY, December 22, 2007

Buena Vista, Kern County: 99 species, 10 participants: Highlights: Dark phase Ferruginous, 3 Golden Eagles, 5 Osprey. Three count week birds added by Steve Glover; Red-necked Grebe, Mountain Chickadee, and Red-breasted Nuthatch.

Participants: Bill Moffat, David Chilton, Frank Gibson, Susan Colletta, David Wimpfheimer, Bill Lydecker, Holly Sorenson, Xiaohong Huang, Barbara Reifel, and Alison Sheehey.

Compiler: Alison Sheehey

Hyperlink on count names lead to photo pages which are a hodgepodge taken by Alison Sheehey during the respective counts.


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Ferruginous Hawk

Buena Vista Lake

American Coot

Buena Vista Lake

Eared Grebe

Buena Vista Lake


Buena Vista Lake

American Kestrel

Buena Vista Lake

American White Pelican

Buena Vista Lake

Western Grebe

Buena Vista Lake

Belted Kingfisher

Buena Vista Slough

Green Heron

Buena Vista Slough

Northern Harrier

Hill Road near Buena Vista Lake

Ferruginous Hawk (dark phase)

Hill Road near Buena Vista Lake

Red-tailed Hawk

Hill Road near Buena Vista Lake

Yellow-rumped Warbler

South Lake Road near Buena Vista

European Starling

South Lake Road

Burrowing Owl

South Lake Road

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